CasperVend at busy events - Event Vendors

CasperVend is ubiquitous in Second Life. We power the majority of inworld vending, many tens of thousands of merchants depend on our services to sell their products.

This post was originally made prior to the Linden Lab acquisition of CasperTech. Any views or opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent the position of Linden Lab or any other entity.

The CasperVend script has been proven over many years as a reliable commerce platform. However, of course, the script runs on the Second Life simulator, and if the simulator starts to malfunction, so does the script. This means that the default CasperVend script can perform poorly on extremely heavily loaded sims, like crowded events.

To counter this, we've developed a special "Event Vendor" script, which is specially designed to cope with these situations and to continue working flawlessly when the simulator is lagging.

If you run an event in Second Life, please get in touch. We can block non-event vendors in your region to make sure the sales go smoothly and keep your guests and merchants happy!

We hope you enjoy the little animation we put together, and have fun with CasperVend!